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During her time at work experience with Tip Top Photography Ltd in 2015, Beky made strong, lasting connections with the team and their sister company Little Gem Weddings, who she continued to visit to assist with various projects and bookings during her studies at Birmingham City University (2016-19).
Beky takes an observational perspective across all of her photography, quietly capturing the fleeting moments where people interact with each other and their surroundings - sometimes how they don't. Beky also has a keen interest in understanding and practising photography as a form of visual anthropology/sociology as well as artistic therapy, which she has explored in her academic and practical work during her final year studies. Since earning her degree, Beky has independently photographed small private events and hopes to continue working creatively full time as part of a team.
Rebekah "Beky" Louise Katharine is a Birmingham based female photographer with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree in Visual Communication, specialising in street, documentary and event photography,
and occasionally exploring interest in writing, videography and graphic design.
Portraits of Beky were taken by Steph Samuel
BekLouKat is fantastic. She is so full of ideas, enthusiasm and creativity. I have worked with Beky on several shoots and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Deb Underhill, The Little Gem Wedding Company

Beky is a genuinely lovely person who has a passion for creativity and art that you can't learn, she was born with it. As well as working with us in-office, Beky has been on many of our photography workshops and is exceptionally polite, respectful and an all round pleasure to work with. 

Shelly Biddle, Tip Top Photographic LTD

I love having Beky around to capture the day for us so we can really enjoy the moment together, be it a pop-up sales show or family gathering. We'll surely be calling on her again to capture more fun memories for our family's social events.

Andy Moss, Thoroughbred Jewellery

Beky provided a quick and professional service and was so friendly and polite during our work Christmas party and captured great photographs of us celebrating the end of the year with our friends and co-workers. 

Amy Bates, NSC Interserve / Mitie

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